About Us

Shri. A. K. Anand

Hon. President

Shri P. J. Chandy

Hon. Secretary

The National Association for the Applications of Radioisotopes and Radiation in Industry (NAARRI) was founded in 1976, realizing the need for a forum for interaction among industrial users of Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology. Since then, the Association has acted as an effective interface between the Department of Atomic Energy and the users of this technology. Over the years the Association has grown from strength to strength and today it has around 1200 life members including 50 Institutional Life Members from all over the country. Its activities, over the last 34 years, earned for it a unique place in the Asia- Pacific region as an organization devoted to the promotion of applications of radioisotopes and radiation.

NAARRI has been in the forefront in promoting applications of radioisotopes and radiation in many ways. It had been organizing training courses for industrial isotope radiography, Management induction programme designed to suit specific industrial sectors, Programmes aimed at radiation safety objectives and regular workshops and seminars on subjects of tropical interest. NAARRI has also undertaken a programme of creating awareness among the General Public, University students and Faculty members to disseminate information on current and potential applications of radioisotopes and radiation and also to dispel fear and apprehension from the minds of the people about radiation. Several such awareness programmes were successfully organized in different parts of the country. So far, we have organized over 30 such programmes nation wide form Gujrat on the west to Manipur on the North East and Kerala in the south to Amritsar in the North. NAARRI proposes to organize several such programmes in the comng years, so that the benefit of the peaceful uses of Nuclear Energy reaches even the remotest places of our country.

NAARRI pusblishes its newsletter containing the recent developments in the applications of isotopes and radiation technology. The thematic bulletins published by NAARRI are being widely acclaimed as the best reference material by the scientific community in the field. NAARRI has instituted Shri. R.G. Deshpande Memorial Award in the year 1995 to honour distinguished scientists and technologists for their outstanding contributions to the growth of isotope and radiation applications in our country. NAARRI has also constituted the NAARRI Entrepreneur award in the year 2000 to honour Entrepreneurs/ Technocrats for their significant contributions to the growth of isotope programme. In addition to the above NAARRI constituted several other awards to honour eminent scientists and technologists for their outstanding contributions to the growth of isotope and radiation applications.

NAARRI started organizing regular Annual conferences from the year 1995 and also organized FIVE International Conferences during the year 1984,1994, 1998, 2001, 2010, and 2015. A large number of scientists and technologists from all over India and also from different parts of the world participated in these conferences. And these conferences have provided an ideal forum for fruitful interaction among the users and producers of radioisotopes products/ services.